September 2014

It’s been a full-on, productive summer here. We’ve written and submitted not one, but two important papers from the lab! Annisa’s first-author story came back from The Journal of Neuroscience with promising reviews, so we’re revising that for re-submission very soon. Mark and Adna’s joint first-author story has just been submitted to Neuron, and we’re all keeping everything crossed for a similar reception there too… Add Matt’s Wellcome Trust Senior Fellowship application to the mix and it’s been a big few months for GrubbLab writing!

Away from the word processor, Adna went to Transylvania and built a 2-photon microscope, then came back and has been going crazy for AIS live-imaging. Annisa presented her recent work at FENS in Milan, and has just disappeared to hunt for post-docs and quality beer in Berlin. And Elisa, as well as getting our slice rig up and functional, won herself an iPad for being an outstanding young behavioural neuroscientist, and got selected by King’s as a post-doc representative on a ‘Life Beyond the PhD’ workshop in the Queen’s backyard (Windsor).

We were all in one place long enough, though, to hold the annual charred food fest that is the (in)famous GrubbLab BBQ, and if you don’t believe us, here’s the evidence!


Annual Grubb Lab BBQ

June 2014

The sad news this month is that Grubb Lab inaugural member Mark has left us, and the country, to go and cure diseases in California. He’ll be sorely missed, but his leaving party was great fun and we’ll make sure we all stay in touch – not least because we’ve got some exciting papers to write!

Better news is that Elisa has officially started her Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship. We also found out she was awarded a highly competitive Human Frontier Science Program Fellowship too, but she had to decline that one because unfortunately they don’t let you hold two of these things at once… We made a start to her international networking by visiting the Lledo Lab in Paris in February to chat all things olfactory bulb, and came away with some great ideas for experiments. Talking of which, both Annisa and Elisa have been pushing the boat out collecting the final (hopefully!) data for our first olfactory bulb paper, so it’s been productive recently!

In the meantime, Adna’s been battling valiantly with live AIS imaging, and has continued her jet-setting lifestyle, presenting a poster at the Brain Conference on Controlling Neurons, Circuits and Behaviour in Copenhagen in April, and winning a place on the hugely prestigious Transylvanian Experimental Neuroscience Summer School.

And finally, Matt’s become a dad! Still struggling with extreme sleep deprivation and a world that’s suddenly been turned on its head, but absolutely loving it.