Nobby the Neuron


Distal AIS


Proximal AIS

Nobby is Neuron is the first knitted member of the Grubb lab.  He was created in November 2011 by Annisa who wanted to show the world how activity-dependent plasticity functioned in yarn-based localities.  Nobby has a unique structure whereby he can regulate his electrical activity via his moveable axon initial segment (AIS).  This is a novel component in the field of knitted neurons.

In his basal state Nobby is a pretty chilled out kinda guy.  He enjoys hanging out in the lab, going to journal club and attended Neuroscience 2011 in Washington DC to instigate some international collaborations.   In these situations he performs best with an AIS that is proximally located to his soma.

Nobby is greatly excited by swimming in the Great Sea of Potassium, watching some good patching action on the microscope and often goes to the NeuroDiscoTM with his best friend Channelrhodopsin-2.  Sometimes the excitement gets too much for him so he relocates his AIS distally from his soma.  It’s all cool.

Nobby is currently looking for a friend to synapse with.  Annisa is busy conducting some adult neurogenesis so watch this space…

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