Eleonora Franzoni’s Publications

Deprivation-induced homeostatic spine scaling in vivo is localized to dendritic branches that have undergone recent spine loss, Barnes S.J., Franzoni Eleonora, Jacobsen R. I., Erdelyi F., Szabo G., Clopath C., Keller G. B., Keck T., In revision, April 2017. Article

miR-128 regulates neuronal migration, outgrowth and intrinsic excitability via the intellectual disability gene Phf6, Franzoni Eleonora, Booker S. A.,Parthasarathy S., Rehfeld F., Grosser S., Srivatsa S., Fuchs H. R., Tarabykin V., Vida I., Wulczyn F. G., eLife, January 2015. Article

An unconventional role for miRNA let-7 activates Toll-like receptor 7 and causes neurodegeneration, Lehmann S., Krüger C., Park B., Derkow K., Rosen- berg K., Baumgart J., Trimbuch T., Eom G., Hinz M., Kaul D., Habbel., Kälin R., Franzoni Eleonora, Rybak A., Nguyen D., Veh R., Ninnemann O., Peters O., Nitsch R., Hepner F. L., Golenbock D., Schott E., Ploegh H. L., Wulczyn F. G., Lehnardt S., Nature Neuroscience, June 2012. Article

Expression of Toll-like receptors in the developing brain, Kaul D., Habbel P., Küger C., Franzoni Eleonora, Wulczyn F. G., Bereswill S., Nitsch R., Schott E., Veh R., Naumann T., Lehnardt S., PLoS One, 2012. Article

miRNAs need a Trim: Regulation of miRNA Activity by Trim-NHL Pro- teins, F.G. Wulczyn, E. Cuevas, Eleonora Franzoni, A. Rybak, Regulation of miRNAs, Edited by Helge Grosshans (Landes Biosciences and Mariecurie Database). Review

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