Adna Dumitrescu’s publications

Primary research papers

Evans MD, Tufo C, Dumitrescu AS, Grubb MS (2017) Myosin II activity is required for structural plasticity at the axon initial segment.  bioAxiv, doi: 10.1101/101584.

Dumitrescu AS, Evans MD, Grubb MS (2016) Evaluating tools for live imaging of structural plasticity at the axon initial segment. Front Cell Neurosci, 10: 268.  Free full text.

Evans MD*, Dumitrescu AS*, Kruijssen Kruijssen DLH, Taylor SE, Grubb MS (2015) Rapid modulation of axon initial segment length influences repetitive spike firing. Cell Rep; In Press. Pubmed. Free full text.

Evans MD, Sammons RP, Lebron S, Dumitrescu AS, Watkins TBK, Uebele VN, Renger JJ, Grubb MS (2013) Calcineurin Signaling Mediates Activity-Dependent Relocation of the Axon Initial Segment. J. Neurosci Apr 17;33(16):6950-63. Pubmed. Free full text [Adobe Acrobat PDF – 3.84 MB]

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